CYTT Borderless Travel Pass has been online for 3 weeks and rises strongly by 100%

According to official news reports, CYTT Borderless Travel Pass has maintained a continuous upward trend with successful transaction volume exceeded 10 million after the launch of CYTT DAPP.

With the launch, CYTT Changyou Alliance also successfully signed off an agreement with Thailand’s leading real estate group and Century 21 Cambodia Group as an acceptance of CYTT real estate payment. As CYTT has now completed the initial model for online and offline alliance ecological layout, this however, will further expand CYTT global payment boundary and making CYTT Borderless Travel Pass a unique economic structure.

In the future, CYTT Changyou Alliance will continue to focus on the research, development and application of the underlying blockchain and digital asset payment technology. CYTT will also be actively cooperate with upstream and downstream related institutions in the global tourism industry to empower the revival and development of the global tourism industry.

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