The Blockchain Digital Tsunami

Everything you need to know about blockchain technology

Most waves are formed due to winds and tides, but tsunamis have a different cause altogether. Tsunamis arises from the sudden displacement of gigantic water masses due to disturbances, like earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, landslides or even meteorite impacts, on the seabed. While the cause of the tsunamis is deemed important to be studied, it is the impact, the effects and the momentum of the tsunamis that brings about devasting changes to the landscape.

Today’s digital economy is somewhat like the open sea, constant changes to this economy is like waves formed by wides and tides. As we progress to further into this digital economy in what is known as the 4th evolution, sometimes there are introduction of disturbances, like a certain digital breakthrough, that brings with it a very disruptive impact that totally changes the usual normal of what the digital economy is used to; and this disturbances started to gain massive acceleration of momentum, and like a massive wave , forming the digital tsunami crashing onto today’s digital economy. One such disruptive disturbances is the birth of the Blockchain.              

It is a fact that despite the sceptics out there, the digital tsunami is still crashing. What comes forth next is a choice – the choice of either being buried under this wave of digital tsunami; or openly embracing it; to make use of this momentum churned by the acceleration of this massive wave of digitalisation to bring forth new opportunities and open new horizons on this digital ecosystem.

Blockchain In Travel by OMT is set to break new grounds in the Travel Industry riding on this digital tsunami. It is and will be the surfboard to ride this digital tidal wave, because the Tsunami that is coming; spearheading by Blockchain In Travel, is going to change how people look at travel and lifestyle. When this blockchain tsunami sweep over, the travel service landscape will change – just as how a natural tsunami will create massive ripples of changes to the land; so, will be as such for this coming blockchain digital tidal wave.     

Are you Ready for DAPP CYTT? Coming to you by Blockchain In Travel by OMT.

By Andy Tan / Posted on 2 August 2020


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